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          The university for passionate minds

          When you choose UNB, you're choosing an experience designed to transform you into the person you hope to be. By encouraging initiative, exploration, critical thought and innovation, we'll help you discover and realize your potential.

          What's happening at UNB

          News and events on our Fredericton and Saint John campuses

          • NB-IRDT director wins national award
          • Piluwitahasuwin on the MMIWG National Inquiry
          • UNB in Italy
          • UNBer earns prestigious award for all-natural food preservative
          • Working towards a greener future

          UNB at a glance

          Stories of creativity, innovation & community that you'll find #OnlyHere

          5 things you didn't know about UNB

          You might know that the University of New Brunswick (UNB) is Canada’s oldest English-language university or that you can study sharks, dolphins and coral reef in the Bahamas. But we bet you didn’t know all five of these UNB highlights.

          See them all

          The 2019 Green Review

          The only university publication of its kind in Atlantic Canada, UNB Sustainability has launched the fourth edition of the Green Review, showcasing UNB’s efforts to make its campuses more environmentally friendly.

          Read the Green Review

          A year in the life of UNB

          Whether it's sending New Brunswick's first cube satellite to space or our commitment to the process of reconciliation, we are proud of our role in creating a better tomorrow for our community and beyond.

          New Master's in Quantitative Investment Management

          UNB's one-of-a-kind Master's in Quantitative Investment Management (MQIM) provides students with the analytic and programming skills to excel in portfolio and risk management in investment and commercial banks, trading companies, hedge funds and regulatory agencies.